Replacing Your Engine Rather Than Selling Your Whole Car


When you feel your car is getting old, then why should you not consider replacing the engine instead of selling it away? The bond you have with your car will be broken if you sell it to somebody and then buy a new person. It will be like starting all over again after a heart break. The engine will reach a time where it will kind of expire and you will have a choice of replacing it, rebuilding it or selling the whole car as a whole, after all the engine is the most important part of a car. The advantage of taking the engine for rebuilding or replacement will be because of the cost incurred will be reduced by almost half. Here is some thing you should consider when you go to buy an engine replacement for your car.

The Type of Engine Compatible to Your Car

You can actually use an engine of a car model which is more than three years ahead of your model. The two engines will be compatible to each other but the new model is usually complicated and so it is good to consider the time period of the car models before you can make a motor replacement.

Choosing Between a Short or Long Block Engine

The mechanics and engineers will most probably understand this but for those who have no idea what these terms mean I will break them down. For short block engine, the whole engine does not have a problem just some of the parts and those are the parts which need replacing and this type is cheap compared to the long block. The long block engine will involve working on the whole engine including the valves and gaskets. It is expensive but then the replacement process will not be long.

The Type and Source of the Second Hand Motor Replacement

When you go to replace your engine, there are two choices which you can choose from. There is the salvaged engine which is usually an engine that comes from another car which is either old or had a beyond recovery accident. The advantage of this engine is the fact that it might only have been used for a short period of time. The second type is the remanufactured engine which is an engine which has been disassembled and then rebuilt again to become better. This type requires you to have a good source otherwise you will suffer after a short period of time.


Motor replacement can be more than engine replacement and you may need to look at other parts like the brake pads and tires. The engine however is a good starting point because it acts like the heart of the car and you should consider the mentioned tips above when choosing which engine you want.