Know about auto insurance Claims

If you are the owner of any type of vehicle, be it lightweight or heavy, you do require proper auto insurance for the same. Only then can you drive the vehicle on the roads, while being in accordance with the law of the state. You need to make monthly premium payments to the provider and try not to make claims every now and then. Checking out the Auto insurance quotes will help you to understand the rules and regulations set by the provider.

About auto insurance claims

The car insurance quotes offered by the provider will clearly mention the rules and regulations governing the claims process. You need to be thorough with it. If you have any kind of trouble understanding the same, you can call in the trained customer care executives of the company to provide you with sufficient knowledge.

Basics of claims process

What if you are involved in an unfortunate accident: For few policyholders, taking Auto insurance quotes is easy, but making the claims process can seem quite complicated. Below given are few questions that are often asked by vehicle owners.

  • Time taken to process the claim: All settlements can be done quickly with the insurance provider having all the necessary facts. You need to provide all details about the collision to help the process to initiate quickly. A reputed provider will do the best to process efficiently the claim.
  • Why estimated repair cost is less when compared to actual payment check: The reason is, the policy holder is to first make out-of-pocket expenses for the deductible. It is only then that the remaining balance is made through check.
  • Reason for auto lien holder getting placed on insurance payment check: This is a necessity by some states since the lien holder is said to have insurable interest in repair work performed on the vehicle. To derive fund for repair, the policyholder is to contact the lien holder.
  • What is Direction of Payment: This is a form that could be provided by the auto repair shops that you need to sign. It is a documented evidence about permission being given by the insurance company to make payments to them for the undertaken repair work.
  • Towing costs: Generally,  it is considered to be a covered service offered  by the provider following an accident.

Going through the car insurance quotes can help to know the details.